Ideas In Progress

A favourite idea of mine is as follows:

Books do not change lives. Sentences do.

Many ideas can have derivative meanings to them, and that's part of the power of interpretation. Two people can be given the same idea, and they can both have marvelous ideas built off the original, but the outcomes being unique.

A recent interpretation of this idea for myself is that I do not have to wait to have full length articles of a certain length written for the content to have value to them. An idea may be able to have a stronger punch with a full explanation best served through a long essay. that doesn't mean the idea can't deliver value on the way to that fuller expression.

This interpretation led me to the idea for this page. This is where I'll share ideas as I come up with them, or think of extensions to other ideas I'm introduced to. This will allow me to share ideas that may help people think in more constructive ways.

The ideas shared here may be short, or they may be long. The value of this growing repository of ideas is that I do not have to wait to share an idea.