Creativity Exercises

Making progress in life requires taking action, but before you can take action you need to come up with a list of actions to try. This requires you to have a certain degree of creativity.

On this page you will find a growing list of creative exercises.

I hope you find them useful.

Exercise 1

Pick an object.

What was the experience like before it existed?

What imperfection of the experience did it solve?

What questions were asked to bridge the gap?


Pill bottle lids.

Before pill bottle lids there was likely containers that contained medication that were not secure.

The person who invented the child resistant lid would have had to think of ways that a child wouldn't think to try.

Exercise 2

Look at how I current problem is solved. This could be with an object, or a process.

Note the imperfections in the solution.

How could you implement a solution to remove at least one of the imperfections?


Tweet quotas.

Suppose someone had a certain number of tweets there wanted to create to increase there accounts activity.

One way to do this is to come up with brand new tweets every day.

Another option would be to take the same idea and rewrite it in many different ways.

This is a strategy I learned from Craig Burgess on Twitter.

Exercise 3

List the experiences you go through every day.

What can you do to improve the quality of them?


Experience: Getting home after work.

Perhaps you get home from a stressful day out. Without thinking, you may bring that stress into your home environment, and direct your frustration at people who don't deserve it.

One way to mitigate this is before you walk in the door think of five qualities you love about each person that you will interact with. Say them out loud to yourself before entering your home.